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My mission is  to help people 

I am a survivor ............................................... Now thriving

After struggling

I have overcome several serious conditions.

including stage 4 Lyme & coinfections, trigeminal neuralgia, stage 4 cancer, and diabetes.

I understand If you're ready to start your journey to recovery, I would love to help.

schedule a consultation."

I have dedicated my life

Dedicating my Life

My mission is  to help people 






After struggling with poor medical care, I learned everything I could. Studying the latest science from the top doctors and clinics around the world. 





I can help with some very large pieces of the puzzle. including; Mindset, Neuroplasticity, Cleansing, Latest published science.



My mission is to uplift and inspire others who are struggling with chronic illness.

I have dedicated my life to wellness and have helped thousands of people since. I offer a variety of services, including coaching, courses, and retreats.


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Brenda Greene
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