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Online learning  

Watch and enjoy at your own pace from home. 

Each course has an outlined journey. Moving you toward milestones, goals, and outcomes for your own personal transformation.

Activities, tools and optional homework    Explore each week’s lessons to learn, discover, and gain tools. 

PDFS for you to enjoy at your own pace and speed.   This is an immersive online learning program to experience at your own pace from home. 

Each course consists of 4 sections and lasts for 12 weeks. You can watch the course as many times as you like. Every week, you’ll receive homework, activities, and tools to explore the week’s lessons, along with PDFs for you to enjoy at your own speed.


Personalized programs.  Live one on one  chats with me by telephone or video conference.

Self-discovery tools learned from the comfort of your home taught online.  

 journaling, and activation of the tools for every week’s theme and program. 

My first job is to listen, help you set goals, and develop a plan for your next best place.      Weekly personalized programs with live video sessions.  I listen, help set goals, and develop a plan for your next best place


InI have helped 1000’s of clients at my offices. 

Learn in person and create an individualized custom wellness program.

We develop a plan together to address your needs and goals.                          

Custom wellness programs can be scheduled year-round for individuals seeking private programs. 

Together, we can develop a plan to address your unique needs and goals while enjoying a beautiful destination location


I try and host one group wellness retreats annually. 

Meet with others on a similar journey. Limited class sizes. Create momentum. 

Our group containers provide opportunities for participants to develop friendships, dive deep, and unfold together.  


My Name is RObert

I am a survivor and i understand

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I have helped 1000's of people
and would be honored to hear from you.

My Philosophy......when working with clients


I'm here to listen to you and understand your current needs. My approach is holistic, taking into account your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. I see you as a whole person, not just a collection of separate parts. Together, we can connect the dots and help you achieve a healthier life. We'll focus on an anti-inflammatory diet, sleep patterns, and finding low-impact ways to be more active. By utilizing the secrets to improving diet, sleep, and exercise, we can work towards a better you. We'll also address the connection of mind, body, and spirit by exploring your mindset, attitudes, emotions, and beliefs. By taking a comprehensive approach, we can help you achieve the balance and well-being you deserve.


Working in conjunction with your current treatment route.. We prioritize working with the recommendations of your doctors. into a plan that complements your current treatment route.

Do you utilize the latest peer-reviewed scientific tools? Would you like to bridge the gaps to create long-term positive transformation? We work in collaboration with your doctors to create a treatment plan that complements your current route. Our aim is to enhance your life by incorporating the latest scientific knowledge. We use a comprehensive approach that considers the latest peer-reviewed studies to help you reach your best possible health outcome. If you're interested in bridging the gaps and achieving long-term positive transformation, we can help.


Utilizing the Secrets to improve Diet, sleep, and exercise. Set Goals and make a plan.

Is your treatment route bringing you toward your goals? Are you incorporating the latest peer-reviewed scientific tools? How can we build excitement and momentum? Experience positive change and celebrate the milestones Bridging the gaps to create long-term positive transformation.

Are you on track?

Let's build excitement, experience positive change, and celebrate milestones!

Are you making progress towards your health and wellness goals? Are you using the latest scientific tools to improve your diet, exercise, and sleep? It's time to set achievable goals and develop a plan to achieve them. Let's create excitement and momentum as we work towards positive change and celebrate each milestone. Together, we can bridge the gaps and achieve long-term transformation. Are you ready to stay on track and reach your goals? Let's get started!

After struggling

Ready for inspiration?

energy, clarity, focus?

Ready to move forward?

What clients are saying...

This helped me tremendously. I was on the very brink and was given hope and inspiration. We worked on Mindset and shifting my patterns.
Susan B.............California
Overflowing positivity and understanding. Having regular coaching helped me learn tools for lasting inner emotional support and strength
Klaus W.............Germany
My neurological lyme was so bad I lost hope. In our weekly coaching sessions, I learned how to find myself again.
"This is the real deal! .............life-changing"
Jenna Greene
San Francisco

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